About Us

Welcome to The Leaky Candle!

Have you ever dreamed about going to your favorite fictional world? With our candles, you are one step closer to getting there! We make fandom and book inspired soy candles and are looking to expand to more household and personal products!

All of our goods are hand-crafted in KCMO, USA with the best supplies and the hardest workers. We are all basically House Elves (but wear clothes and get paid)!

How it started...

The Leaky Candle was created during the summer of 2015, but wasn't launched until December of the same year (on Etsy). Since then, the business has grown so much more than we would ever have imagined!

The owner, Lili, is the biggest Harry Potter fan possibly in existence, ever.

Lili designs the labels, business cards and the website; she works in her lab (the basement) mixing oils and stirring wax, pouring candle after candle all hours of the day. She labels, packs and ships the orders, as well, with help from her parents and brother. Her best friend, Zoe, takes the pretty pictures and advises on candle scents!

This is a business that wouldn't exist without support from family and friends!